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Week 430 Nov 2018This week has been yet another busy week in year 4. The children have been completing their float stories in English and using different types of sentences to add interest to the reader. We have had hot chocolate after a cold playtime to think of adjectives to describe hot we feel as we warm up. 
In maths we have been using different ways to find the difference between two numbers and putting these into real life contexts. The children showed great determination as they began to grasp different ways of doing this.
Our ethos statement this week has been ' turning over a new leaf' and we learnt about fresh starts and what this means to us. We have been looking at the Christmas story in our 'RE sessions and the start of advent.
We are all looking forward to the coming weeks and our Christmas preparations, these have begun with the decoration of the doors around  school. 
Finally we would like thank those parents who have already contributed to our Victorian workshop and just ask if contributions could please be paid by the 19th of December. Just to remind you contribution can still be paid in installements. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask a member of the year 4 team.

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