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Welcome to Year 3!

Fountains Abbey
Mrs Melanie Robinson (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Mrs Lucy Denison (Thursday, Friday)
Mrs Emma Owen 
Ms Damaris Bonner

Jervaulx Abbey
Mrs Jane Dalton (Monday, Tuesday)
Mrs Jenny Wickett (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
Mrs Gillian Cole
Ms Damaris Bonner
Miss Gloris Chikwiriro


Each week remember to:

  • Read to an adult and answer questions about what you read.
  • Complete your Mathletics challenges.
  • Practise your X Factor challenge for the week.
  • Learn your weekly spellings.
  • Practise your handwriting using ‘’


  • New spellings given out


  • Outdoor PE (Jervaulx)




  • Outdoor PE (Fountains)


  • Spelling test
  • X Factor maths test
  • Indoor PE (Both classes) permitting, we will run a mile every day. You will need to have a pair of shoes which are suitable for running in.

Each day remember to bring:

  • Your reading book and planner (this acts as a reading log too)
  • 2 pieces of fruit (one for morning break and one for afternoon break)

Curriculum Evening Information