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Our BASE social skills and life skills curriculum

We focus on developing our pupils social and life skills here at the BASE. The children learn to develop their independence by participating in real life experiences.

Our BASE social skills and life skills curriculum

The B.A.S.E

at St Margaret's C of E Primary School



Believe, Achieve, Support, Enrich

Welcome to our Resourced Provision, the BASE at St Margaret’s. Our purpose-built unit has been designed to support 12 children in receipt of an EHCP and with complex communication needs. Our mission is to ensure each of our pupils reach their full potential. The BASE provides an enabling environment, offering low arousal, calming work spaces for children to grow and learn.

Our ‘encouraging independence’ approach to supporting children is underpinned by the SCERTS model. The pupils are scaffolded and encouraged to work independently and in our small group model. Developing resilience, emotional intelligence and self-regulation are key aspects to supporting our pupils to have success.

Our integrated approach to ensuring our pupils flourish, not only focuses on their academic abilities but also provides a curriculum focussing on their social and life skills too. Personalised targets tracked by the AET (Autism Education Trust) progression framework ensures that your child’s personal targets are set specifically to their needs and abilities.

The BASE works closely with outside professional agencies such as SENSAP,  the Occupational Therapy team, the STARS outreach team, SENIT and Speech and Language therapists.

Each child in the provision also has opportunity to access mainstream learning. This is often supported by a BASE member of staff to ensure consistency. We believe that inclusion in mainstream is vital and support each child to have the skills to join in and learn with their peers.


Providing excellent opportunities to access other areas of the curriculum....

Students accessing the Resource Base follow a personalised curriculum based around National Curriculum outcomes. Our skilled SEND teacher ensures lessons are differentiated whilst incorporating opportunities to develop social skills and life skills based around the pupils' interests. Lessons have significant elements of practical tasks built into them and are structured to allow successes to be quickly achieved and celebrated. Tasks are also chunked flexibly into manageable sections and agreed between staff and pupils.

How to apply for a school place at the BASE:

If your child is in receipt of an Education, Health Care Plan and has complex communication needs, you can apply to consult with us via the SENSAP team during your Next Steps meeting or annual review.


To check whether you are eligible for transport please follow the link below:

Contact us:

Please contact the BASE Manager- Kimberley Boucher on 0113 3862520 or email 

Our BASE provision

We are delighted to be up and running in our BASE purpose built building. The new spaces have proven a real hit with our pupils. They provide spacious, calming spaces for our pupils to learn, have fun, build relationships and flourish.

Our BASE provision
Our journey so far...

Update: On Sunday 22nd May 22 the building was craned into the school grounds; this was carried out in seven separate sections. We were very excited to watch this take place and we were lucky to have the right weather conditions for it to go ahead. The children were extremely excited on Monday morning to see that the building has arrived. Work will now continue to be carried out on the building with the hope that it will be ready for viewing and for use in September 22.

Our journey so far...