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Here at St Margaret's we are committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our school community. We are continuously striving to provide opportunities for children to learn about and explore aspects of health and wellbeing throughout the curriculum. This includes physical activity, knowledge about healthy eating, cookery skills, Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) and Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) provision. We hope you will find useful information in this section of our website including links to wider services. Please contact the school if you require further information which cannot be found on our site.
Smoke Free School Policy

NHS Stop smoking services link:

HENRY 5-12

Information and support for families: healthy start and brighter futures

School Travel Plan

St Margaret's is located in a busy part of Horsforth and we encourage children and parents to walk or wheel to and from school as much as they possible can. We promote car sharing and use of public transport for children who travel from further afield in order to reduce traffic congestion and keep roads as safe as possible around our school. In our recent walk of Art project, we thought about sustainable travel and how it impacts our environment.

Healthy Eating Curriculum Overview

Shows where Healthy eating is taught across school through the PSHE and Science curriculum

Just One More

Summer 2024 we are encouraging our children to bring healthy snack and eat more vegetables by participating in Leeds Healthy Schools' campaign.

Zones of Regulation

At St Margaret's we know how important it is to be able to communicate our feelings and have a positive state of mind. Our zones of regulation give us a shared language in order to talk about our feelings and ensure we are feeling happy and ready to learn in school and are able to as for help when we need to. The flipbook gives us ideas for strategies when we are in each of the zones. See the attached powerpoint for a clear explanation of how we use these Zones in our school.

cookery in the curriculum

We teach a skills based cookery curriculum which is delivered across school as part of Design and Technology to promote healthy lifestyles and a love of cooking.

cookery in the curriculum
Recommended Reads for anti-bullying awareness
Report - Healthy Schools Status and MindMate Friendly status
Healthy lunchbox ideas

Why not try something a bit different?

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Change for life Website

A great website for healthy packed lunch ideas as well as recipes for mealtimes. Lots of information about physical activity and mental well being for families.

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    Eatwell Guide

    Use this to help you get a healthier more balanced diet.