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Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Body of St Margaret’s C of E Primary Horsforth 
The governing body of St Margaret’s Primary School conducts its business to take account of the three roles of the governing bodies as outlined in the Governance Handbook:
1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.
The day to day management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team.
The governing body also ensures that the school complies fully with statutory safeguarding procedures. All staff have signed a record to confirm they have read Part 1 of the DfE statutory guidance “Keeping Children Safe in Education”. The governing body has familiarised itself with the document and are working with the Designated Safeguarding Lead (Mrs Harridge) in school to complete the annual safeguarding audit.
The composition of the governing body
The governing body re-constituted in September 2014 and comprises 12 governors in total. Every governor appointed to the governing body is appointed on the basis of the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school. The number of governors in each category is determined through the Instrument of Government and is currently:
1 Head teacher
1 elected staff governor
3 elected parent governors
1 local authority governor
3 Foundation governors
3 co-opted governors

Please see the following table for the names and areas of responsibility of the governors.


Governor Role


(including Year Group Link)

Business / Financial Interests / Governance Role in other Schools

Matt Eastwood

Chair of Governors

Appointed by: Co-opted

Start: 03/12/19

End: 02/12/23

 Co-opted Governor


Personnel and Finance

Standards and Curriculum

Pay and Performance Management



Wife employed in school as a Teaching Assistant

Revd Nigel Sinclair

Appointed by: DBE

Start: 15/06/17

End: 17/06/25

Foundation Governor


Standards and Curriculum



Trustee of Elevate Multi Academy Trust

Amanda Cowie

Appointed by: DBE

Start: 27/02/18

End: 27/02/26

Foundation Governor


Standards and Curriculum - Chair


None recorded

Ingunn Vallumroed

Vice Chair of Governors

Appointed by: Parental Body


End: 03/12/2023

Parent Governor

Personnel and Finance - Chair



None recorded

Joel Cameron-Smith

Appointed by: Governing Body

Start: 17/09/19

End: 16/09/23

Co-opted Governor


Standards and Curriculum



None recorded

Sarah Harridge

Appointed by: Governing Body

Start: 01/09/14

End: -

Head Teacher

Personnel and Finance

Standards and Curriculum

None recorded


Sally Cook

Appointed by: Staff


End: 03/12/2023

Staff Governor


Standards and Curriculum


None recorded

Paul Mitchell

Appointed by: Parental Body


End: 09/03/25

Parent Governor SEND
Safeguarding and child protection
Pupil Premium

Personnel and Finance
None recorded
Mary Pike

Appointed by: Co-opted

Start: 08.03.2022

End: 07.03.2026

Co-opted Governor Personnel and Finance  
Victoria McWalker

Appointed by: Parental Body
Start: 08/11/2021

End 07/11/2025

Parent governor    
Joanna Bailey

Appointed by:
Start: 06/12/2021

End: 05/12/2025

Foundation governor    
Alex Ford

Appointed by:
Start: 08.03.2022


Associate Governor Standards and Curriculum  

Local Authority Governor

Historic Governors      
Matt Leech

Appointed by: Parental Body
Start: 06/12/2016
Parent Governor Standards and Curriculum

None recorded

Claire Horsfield
Appointed by: PCC
Start: 16/07/19
End: 20/07/21

Foundation governor

Standards and Curriculum
Pupil Premium

Assistant Head Teacher -  High School
Tom Sharp

Appointed by: Governing Body



Co-opted Governor Personnel and Finance

PE and Sports Premium
None recorded

Jonathon Taylor

Appointed by: Governing Body

Start: 22/05/2018

End: 08.03.2022

Local authority Governor

Personnel and Finance

Health and Safety


Leeds City Councillor representing Horsforth Ward

Meetings of the governing body
The full governing body meets five times a year. There are also two governing body committees which which have delegated authority. The committees are:
  • Personnel and Finance - this committee meets three times a year
  • Standards and Curriculum - this committee meets four times a year
There is also a pay committee which meets as required.
Approved minutes of Governing body meetings are available on request from

Attendance at meetings
Governors have good attendance at meetings overall. Apologies for non-attendance are considered on an individual basis; governors are aware through the code of conduct that non-attendance, which includes apologies not being accepted, will result in the removal of a governor six months from the date of first non-attendance.
Governor Timetable
You can find information about the role of Governors and how to become a Governor by clicking the following link: