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In Reception, Geography teaches an understanding of places and environments. Our children learn about their local area and beyond. Through carefully planned and sequenced teaching our children become motivated to find out about the diversity of places, people and environments.

At the beginning of the year we learn about our home and our school. We spend time navigating the school and building grounds. We progress to locating the school on a map and learn about the place we live, Horsforth. We venture out of the school to visit Town Street and look at the buildings and shopos there. We walk to Hall Park and observe the buildings and features we pass on our route. In the spring term we learn about places beyond Horsforth and Leeds. We learn about the city of London through the story of the 'Naughty Bus' by Jan Oke. We build 3D maps that show the famous buildings and landmarks of London and think about how our local environment is different to living in a large city like London.

In the summer term we learn about countries in the wider world.  We explore the importance of looking after our oceans and how we can make resonsible choices to care for the world we all live in.
A Sense of Place A Sense of Place
Reception Learning about Horsforth.

Reception learn about Horsforth by walking along Town Street and observing and talking about the location of the different shops and buildings there. They think about their journey from school and the school's location in Horsforth. When they returned to school they made 3D maps of Town Street in the construction area and recorded names of shops they could recall. Finally they mapped their journey on large paper and could talk about their journey.

Reception Learning about Horsforth.
Reception visiting Hall ParkReception visiting Hall Park
Learning about the city of LondonLearning about the city of London