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How did we learn to fly?

Intended outcome for this unit: Identify important events surrounding the history of flight. Explain how a significant event has changed the lives of others. Ask questions about people and events in the past. Use primary sources to find out about people and events in the past. Correctly order five events on a timeline

What is a monarch?

Intended outcomes for this unit: Recall that a monarch is a king or queen. Explain that recent monarchs in the UK do not have the power to make decisions alone. Identify some of the monarch’s roles. Explain that a king or queen is crowned in a special ceremony called a coronation. Name some of the main steps in the coronation ceremony. Explain the use of special objects in the coronation. Use sources to explain how William the Conqueror became King of England. Know that monarchs in the past had all the power to make decisions. Explain how William the Conqueror kept order and conquered England. Identify the two different types of castle built by the Normans Compare the similarities and differences between Norman castles. Identify features of Norman castles. Explain how castles have changed over time. Recognise that we still have castles today. Sequence castles on a timeline. Describe characteristics of the monarchy in the past. Identify that the monarchy has changed over time. Make comparisons between past and present

How am I making History?

Intended outcomes: Order three photographs correctly on a simple timeline. Use the terms ‘before’ and ‘after’ when discussing their timelines. Talk about three memories and place one of them on a timeline. Explain why memories are special and name four events that they celebrate throughout the year. Think of three ways they celebrate their birthday. Ask a visitor one question about childhood in the past. Know a similarity and a difference between childhood now and in the past. Add three ideas to a time capsule about themselves. Use key vocabulary to compare the present, the past and possible changes in the future