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Curriculum  »  History  »  Year 2

How have toys changed?

Intended outcomes for this unit: Discuss their favourite toy using language related to the past. Ask questions about toys in the past. Make comparisons between toys in the past and present. Sequence artefacts from different periods of time. Identify changes between teddy bears today and those from 100 years ago. Describe how toys have changed over time.

How explorers changed the world?

Intended outcomes for this unit: Explain what explorers do Name equipment or transport an explorer would need. Sequence four photographs from different periods of time. Name important explorers (e.g. Christopher Columbus, Dame Ellen MacArthur, Matthew Henson and Mary Kingsley). Identify where they travelled and write a sentence about the achievements of one explorer. Select the most important events in a historical story. Sequence events on a timeline and use this to retell the story. Describe what they can see in a photograph. Make inferences about what a person in an image could be saying and ask questions to further their understanding. Recall information about past and presentation exploration. Understand events in relation to the present day and compare how exploration has changed over time. Describe how an explorer is significant and how they impacted events or people’s ideas. Present significant people using a coat of arms.