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What did the Ancient Egyptians believe?

What did the Ancient Egyptians believe? Identify the ancient civilisations and key periods in ancient Egypt. Describe the physical features of Egypt. Explain the Egyptian creation story. Identify the characteristics of important gods or goddesses. Explain why the pyramids were built. Identify the stages and challenges of building a pyramid. Explain the links between ancient Egyptian beliefs and mummification. Name sources that can be used to find out about ancient Egyptian beliefs. Explain some Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife

Bronze Age, Iron Age or Stone Age?

Intended outcomes for this unit. Understand that prehistory was a long time ago. Accurately place AD and BC on a timeline. Identify conclusions that are certainties and possibilities based on archaeological evidence. Explain the limitations of archaeological evidence. Use artefacts to make deductions about the Amesbury Archer’s life. Identify gaps in their knowledge of the Bronze Age. Explain how bronze was better than stone and how it transformed farming. Explain how trade increased during the Iron Age and why coins were needed. Identify changes and continuities between the Neolithic and Iron Age periods. Explain which period they would prefer to have lived in, providing evidence for their choice.