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How did the Maya civilisation compare to the Anglo-Saxons?

Intended outcome of the unit Describe the key physical features of the Maya civilisation. Sequence the key periods in the Maya civilisation. Identifying periods that were happening in Britain at the same time. Name the features of the rainforest. Explain the challenges facing the Maya in the rainforest. Explain how the Maya settled in the rainforest. Name the features of Maya houses. Identify the similarities and differences between Maya and Anglo-Saxon houses. Explain the Maya creation story. Identify the characteristics of important gods or goddesses. Make deductions about cities. Name the features of Maya cities. Create a plan of a Maya city, including the main features. Explain the reasons for the decline of the Maya civilisation. Evaluate the reasons for the decline of the Maya civilisation. Identify similarities and differences between the Maya civilisation and the Anglo-Saxons.

Why did the Romans settle in Britain?

Intended outcomes for this unit: Explain the meaning of empire and invasion. Understand the chronology of the Roman invasion of Britain. Identify the consequences of the Roman invasion. Create an interpretation of Boudicca using sources. Explain why the Romans needed a powerful army. Identify a soldier’s equipment. Explain how the Roman army was organised and perform simple manoeuvres and drills. Make observations about an artefact. Explain the meaning of legacy, identifying how the Romans changed Britain and ordering legacies by their significance

Were the Vikings raiders, traders or settlers?

Intended outcome of the unit Identify the different reasons for migration to Britain. Sequence events according to their significance for groups of people. Explain where the Vikings came from and why they came to Britain. Make inferences from sources. Explain how sources can be biased. Find evidence within a source to support their reasoning. Describe the parts of a longboat. Design and creating a longboat. Describe what the Vikings traded. Identify Viking trading routes. Explain whether the Vikings were traders or raiders and providing supporting evidence. Identify important events in the Anglo-Saxon and Viking struggle for Britain. Explain the meaning of cause and consequence. Suggest the cause and consequences of events. Make observations and deductions about artefacts.