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Victorians - What does the census tell us?

Intended outcomes for this unit: Identify the type of information the census gives about people. Use the census to make inferences about people from the past, providing supporting evidence for their statements. Make observations from the census and identify changes between periods of time. Identify the dangers of working in a textile mill. Create questions to identify the thoughts and feelings of a Victorian working child. Identify the key events of Mary’s life and interpret her thoughts and feelings. Extract information from the census to recreate the lives of people who lived in a household from the local area. Extract information from the census and decide whether a family was rich or poor. Describing change throughout time.

Ancient Greeks

Intended outcomes for this unit: Describe the features of ancient Greece. Identify the key periods in the ancient Greek civilisation. Make inferences about Greek gods. Research a Greek god. Compare Athens and Sparta. Understand the different types of democracy. Explain how Athenian democracy worked. Explain what philosophy is. Identify the achievements of the ancient Greek philosophers. Identify the ancient Greeks’ legacies and their impact.

History questions have been based on and linked to the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation.

Finn - "I enjoyed learning about mummification and wrapping up Saul in the activity!"

Annabelle - "I can't believe that 96% of Egypt is a desert! How did they survive and thrive so many years ago?"