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Curriculum Overview Year 2
Autumn 1 Unit Families and Relationships

Understand that families offer love and support and that different families may be made up of different people. Consider what friends may be thinking and feeling in different situations. Recognise some issues that may occur in friendships and which of these may need adult help to resolve. Understand that expectations of manners may change according to the situation. Know that remembering people who were important to them but are no longer here can cause a mixture of emotions. Explain what gender stereotypes are in relation to careers.

Autumn 2 Unit Health and Wellbeing

Use multiple colours in a diagram to show how they can feel more than one emotion at a time. Describe how they would feel in a particular situation and understand that not everyone feels the same. Understand the effect of physical activity on their body and mind. Describe energetic physical activities that they enjoy. Describe the positive effects of relaxation and know there are different ways to relax. Know how to use breathing exercises to relax. Recognise and describe what they are good at and what skills they would like to develop. Create a complete ladder detailing achievable steps which work towards a goal. Explain what a growth mindset is. Use strategies to stay calm during trick challenges. Explain that a healthy diet is when we eat a balance of the right foods, describing some consequences that may arise from poor diet choices. State what ingredients they can see on a dish and compare them with the food pyramid. Understand what helps to keep teeth healthy.

Spring Term

Understand how the internet can be used to help us. Create a poster with clear information about how to remain safe online and what to do if something online makes them feel uncomfortable. Understand what a secret is and what a surprise is. Know the name of parts of the body, including those of the private parts for their gender. Explain the PANTS rule. Understand how to keep safe near roads. Explain the rules for crossing the road. Understand when we should take medicines that can help us feel better when we are unwell.

Summer 1 Unit

Recognise that different rules apply in different situations. Explain what makes a good school environment. Recognise that everyone in school has a responsibility to maintain the school environment. Identify some jobs that people do to keep the local area pleasant. Recognise some local job roles that help the community. Recognise similarities and difference between people in the local community. Explain that differences should be respected. Explain how the school council works. Share their opinions on things that matter.

Summer 2 Unit Economic Wellbeing

Explain some ways adults get money. Discuss the role of bank account cards. Recognise wants and needs. Recognise the difference between a want and a need. Identify their skills and talents. Identify ways to develop their skills and talents. Explain why treating people equally and inclusively is important. Transition lesson to prepare for Year 2: Understanding that change can cause mixed feelings.

PSHE in Year 2PSHE in Year 2