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Year 4 PSHE Overview
Autumn 1 Unit: Families and Relationships

Understand that manners vary in different situations. Understand boundaries in friendships, including physical boundaries and expectations. Understand that what they do and say affects other people. Understand the impact of bullying and the role bystanders can take. Recognise male and female stereotyped characters. Understand that stereotypes about disabilities are usually untrue. Understand that families are all different and they offer each other support but sometimes they can experience problems. Know what bereavement is and how to support someone who has experienced a bereavement.

Autumn 2 Unit Health and Wellbeing

Identify and share key facts about dental health. Describe a calm place that helps them to feel relaxed. Describe how they feel when they make a mistake and explain what can be learned from making mistakes. Write or describe their strengths and how they could use these in school. Describe what makes them happy, suggesting how they could work towards this as a goal. Explain that there are some things they can control and others they cannot. Understand the range of emotions we can experience. Understand what mental health is and that sometimes people might need help.

Spring Term Unit Safety and the changing body

Understand the reasons for legal age restrictions. Understand how quickly information can spread on the internet and some of the risks associated with that. Assess and give first aid to a casualty who is having difficulty breathing due to an asthma attack. Understand the difference between private and public, and secrets and surprises. Understand how search engines work and whether information is useful. Understand the changes they have already gone through and aware of some changes to come. Understand that they will change physically as they develop into adults. Understand some of the risks of smoking and some of the benefits of being a non-smoker.

Summer 1 Unit Citizenship

Understand what human rights are and why they are important. Understand how reusing items benefits the environment. Understand the range of groups that exist in the wider community. Understand how community groups can focus on different areas of interest. Understand that diversity supports a community to work effectively. Understand the role of local councillors.

Summer 2 Unit Economic Wellbeing

Identify and justify items they consider good value for money. Identify multiple factors that influence whether something is good value for money. Understand the importance of tracking spending. Identify different ways to keep money safe. Identify a range of influences on job choices. Suggest ways to respond to certain influences over career choices. Identify different reasons why people might change careers Suggest proactive steps that can be taken to challenge and overcome these stereotypes.

PSHE in year 4PSHE in year 4