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Year 5 PSHE Overview
Autumn 1 Unit Families and Relationships

Describe what qualities a good friend should have and recognise which of these they have and which they could develop. Recognise that friendships have ups and downs and this is normal. Understand what marriage is and know that it is a choice people make. Understand that we all have a range of attributes that make us who we are and we should be proud of these. Understand that sometimes families can make children feel unhappy or unsafe. Understand why someone might bully others. Understand that attitudes and laws around gender equality have changed over time. Understand that stereotypes exist and these can lead to discrimination.

Autumn 2 Unit Health and Wellbeing

Perform some yoga poses, following the instructions from a video, and describe how yoga makes them feel. Describe how they can get a good night’s sleep and explain why this is important. Describe why they should embrace failure. Describe a strategy to help manage feelings of failure and to help them to persevere. Set themselves goals and consider how they will achieve them. Describe a range of feelings and suggest two ways of dealing with a difficult situation. Demonstrate an understanding of what calories are and how to use them to help plan healthy meals. Recognise the food groups and acknowledge that having a variety of food is important for having a balanced and healthy diet. Understand how to keep safe in the sun and some of the risks, now and in the future, if they don’t.

Spring Term Unit Safety and the changing body

Understand what is safe to share online and what to do before sending a message. Identify possible dangers online, suggesting ways to stay safe, using the web to research relevant information. Accurately name all the relevant parts of the body. Understand the changes their own gender will go through during puberty. List the range of changes they will go through during puberty. Assess a casualty’s condition; calmly, comfort and reassure a casualty who is bleeding; and seek medical help if required. Understand that other people can influence our decisions but we have the right to make our own choices.

Summer 1 Unit Citizenship

Understand what happens when someone breaks the law. Understand what rights are and that freedom of expression is one of these rights. Understand how reducing the use of materials and energy helps the environment, and what individuals can do to support this. Understand how people contribute to society and how this is recognised. Understand the role of pressure groups. Understand the basics of how parliament works including the parts of parliament.

Summer 2 Unit Economic Wellbeing

Prioritise needs over wants. Manage a weekly budget. Understand the responsibilities and consequences of borrowing and loaning. Recognise the risks and considerations associated with spending money online. Explain why workplace stereotyping needs to be challenged. Describe how interests and skills align with future careers.

Some of our PHSE work is covered through other areas of the curriculum, such as keeping healthy in science. Social and emotional aspects of learning are addressed through specific units of study for example; Physical health and wellbeing, keeping safe and managing risk and sex and relationship education: Growing up and changing.


Nancy - "We have been able to be open, talking about discrimination and also LGBTQ."