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In year 3, children are introduced to French and the country it originates from. They start to look at core vocabulary that will be used in day to day talk. Here is an overview of the units and skills taught.

I'm Learning French

  • Recognise, recall and remember up to 6 popular nursery rhymes in French with accurate pronunciation.
  • Recognise, recall and remember how to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in French.
  • Learn to listen attentively to, understand and participate actively in short songs and nursery rhymes in French.

Core Vocabulary
In this unit pupils will recap core vocabulary including: 
  • colour
  • classroom instructions
  • days of the week 
  • months of the year 
  • number

  • Name and recognise up to 10 fruits in French.
  • Attempt to spell some of these nouns.
  • Ask somebody in French if they like a particular fruit.
  • Say what fruits they like and dislike.

  • Name and recognise up to 10 vegetables in French.
  • Attempt to spell some of these nouns (including the correct determiner/article)
  • Learn simple vocabulary to facilitate a role play about buying vegetables from a market stall.
  • Say if they would like one kilo or a half kilo of a particular vegetable or selection of vegetables.
What time is it?
  • Revise numbers 1-12.
  • Tell the time to an hour.
  • Express doing an activity at a particular time.
  • Explore the 24 hour clock. 
I am able to...
  • Recognise, recall and spell 10 action verbs in French.
  • Use these verbs in the infinitive to form positive and negative sentence structures with ‘je peux’ (I am able) and ‘je ne peux pas’ (I am not able).
  • Attempt to combine positive and negative sentence structures to form longer and more complex sentences using the conjunctions ‘et’ (and / ‘mais’ (but).