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Overview of content taught in Year 4:

  • Recognise, recall, and spell up to 10 animals in French with their correct determiners/ indefinite articles.
  • Understand that there are more determiners/ articles in French than in English.
  • Use and become more familiar with the high-frequency 1st person conjugated verb ‘je suis’ (I am), from the infinitive verb ‘être’ (to be).

  • Recognise, recall and remember the 4 seasons in French.
  • Recognise, recall and remember a short phrase for each season in French.
  • Say which season is their favourite in French and attempt to say why using the conjunctions ‘et’ and ‘car’.

  • Name and recognise up to 10 different flavours for ice creams.
  • Ask for an ice-cream in French using ‘je voudrais’.
  • Say what flavour they would like.
  • Say whether they would like a cone or a small pot/tub of ice-cream.

  • Recognise, recall and spell up to 10 instruments in French with the correct definite article/determiner.
  • Understand articles/determiners better and that the definite article/determiner ‘the’ has a plural form in French.
  • Learn to say and write ‘I play an instrument’ in French using the highfrequency 1st person regular verb ‘je joue’ (I play) with up to 10 different instruments.

  • Name and recognise up to 10 shapes in French.
  • Attempt to spell some of these nouns.
  • Recognise that nouns have an article in French and in this case, the indefinite ‘un’ or ‘une’.
  • Have an opportunity to learn and/or revise numbers 1-5.

Little Red Riding Hood
  • Sit and listen attentively to a familiar fairy tale in French.
  • Use picture and word cards to recognise and retain key vocabulary from the story.
  • Name and spell at least four parts of the body in French as seen in the story.