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At St Margaret’s C of E school we follow the DFE validated 'Supersonic Phonic Friends' programme fron Reception to Year 2 and into KS2 for those children that need additional phonics teaching to support their reading and writing.

All Year One children take the ‘Phonics Screening Check’ - a statutory assessment required by legislation. Those who do not meet the pass mark will be given support and intervention programmes in Year Two, eg. TELL phonics to provide them with sufficient knowledge and understanding to re-take the ‘Phonics Screening Check’ and obtain a pass mark. Those children who do not obtain the required level set by the ‘Phonics Screening Check’ will receive phonics teaching in the first term of year three – which will be further supported throughout the year and across Key Stage Two with a phonics and/or spelling intervention programme.

Planning for phonics will be done separately from literacy but with the understanding that good phonics teaching should link to the literacy needs of the children within a literacy lesson and across the curriculum. Each Phonics lesson should include the following sections:

Revise – Overlearn the previous graphemes and words

Teach – Introduce a new grapheme / words

Practise – Develop GPCs (grapheme phoneme correspondences) /read and spell new words

Apply – Use the new graphemes / words in games and activities to secure knowledge

Assess – Monitor progress within each phase to inform planning.

Supersonic Phonic Friends introduces woodland characters that help us with all the skills needed to become proficient readersand writers



Learn the Supersonic Rhymes and Jingles!
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