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Overview of content taught in Year 6:

The date 
  • Repeat and recognise the months of the year in French.
  • Ask when somebody has a birthday and say when they have their birthday.
  • Say the date in French.
  • Create a French calendar.
  • Recognise key dates in the French calendar.

Do you have a pet?
  • Repeat, recognise and attempt to spell the eight nouns (including the correct article for each) for pets in French.
  • Tell somebody in French if they have or do not have a pet.
  • Ask somebody else in French if they have a pet.
  • Tell somebody in French the name of their pet.
  • Attempt to create a longer phrase using the conjunctions et (“and”) or mais (“but”).

What is the weather?
  • Repeat and recognise the vocabulary for weather in French.
  • Ask and say what the weather is like today.
  • Create a French weather map.
  • Describe the weather in different regions of France using a weather map with symbols.

Presenting myself
  • Count to 20.
  • Say their name and age.
  • Say hello and goodbye, then ask how somebody is feeling and answer how they are feeling.
  • Tell you where they live.
  • Tell you their nationality and understand basic gender agreement rules.

  • Tell somebody in French the key facts of the history of the Olympics.
  • Tell somebody in French the key facts of the modern Olympic games.
  • Look for cognates and highlight key words when learning how to decode longer text in gist listening and reading in French.
  • Say the nouns in French for key sports in the current Olympic games.
  • Conjugate the irregular verb FAIRE enabling the students to say what sports they play and what sports they do not play.
  • Understand the concept of de la, de l’ and du when you say you play a sport in French.

At school
  • Repeat and recognise the vocabulary for school subjects.
  • Say what subjects they like and dislike at school.
  • Say why they like/ dislike certain school subjects.
  • Tell the time (on the hour) in French.
  • Say what time they study certain subjects at school.