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Year 1 Staff

Miss Amy Elliott
Miss Katie Smith

Planning time is covered by Miss Ali Teasdale and Mrs Lyndsy Lines.

Key Days:
  Whitby St Marys
Indoor PE Monday Monday
Outdoor PE Friday Friday

Spellings and Reading Books
In Year 1 this year we will be changing reading books and spellings once a week. The day on which these will be changed will differ for each child. Your child will be allocated a day and this will remain the same for the rest of the year. eg. Tom will have his books and spellings changed every Monday, Jane every Thursday etc.

As we will only be changing books on one set day we will be giving the children two books a week. Please can you try to read these at least once, we find that reading a book twice is good to help your child build confidence and fluency. If you find that two books is either too many or too few, please speak to us seperately.

Spellings will come home on your allocated day attached to your child's reading record. All children will be given the same spellings to begin with however will then be tested separately and new words added if the previous words were spelt correctly. We will complete the spelling test in your child's reading record, on their allocated day, so that you can see their progress. The spellings we will be sending home are the words your child needs to be able to spell by the end of year 1, some of these spellings may already have been covered in reception however we feel it is good practice to revise them.