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Curriculum, Our Goals

Learning habits for life
We provide a rich and motivating curriculum that engages and challenges our children. It provides excellent foundations in English and Mathematics while encouraging them to actively seek knowledge and make purposeful links across subjects enabling  them to be active thinkers and learners.

Our children learn through our curriculum about how to be active and thoughtful members of society whether it is in the classroom, the wider community or as a world citizen. Our keynote is respect; for each other, for our environment and self-respect. These values are underpinned by our Christian ethos and links with the church.

Aspire and Achieve
Our curriculum sets high expectations of pupils and teachers. We work as a team to ensure that we achieve our targets and are ready for the next challenge. We believe that these challenges are integral all aspects of school life not just academic success. We want our children to believe they can be the best they can be.

Our curriculum is one of the building blocks that make up the strong foundations of our school. Our children enjoy coming to school know that they will be given every opportunity to be creative , imaginative and successful learners.