St Margaret'sC of E Primary School

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Subject Leaders

Curriculum area Staff

English: Charlotte Fisher(lead), Sally Cook (Reading), Katie Smith (Phonics)

Mathematics: John Beldon (lead)

Science: Charlotte Cairns (lead), Shauna Hardaker

Art and Design: Christopher Arundale

Computing: Francesca Dawson

Design and Technology: Amy Elliott

Geography: Julie Skeet

History: Julie Skeet

Languages: Shauna Hardaker

Music: Fay Johnson (lead) Lynsey Lines

Physical Education: Jenny Wickett

Religious Education: Mel Robinson

PHSE: Lucy Dennison

Assessment: Jill Spencer

Outdoor Learning: Katie Smith

SENCo / Pastoral Team: Jill Spencer (SENCo), Maureen Burgham (Family Support Worker), Jo Aldham (Learning Mentor)
Lead Practitioner for Autism: Kimberley Boucher

For further information regarding curriculum areas, please contact the relevant staff member.